Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway (Mindanao Section) Rehabilitation Project, Phase I and II


Mindanao Island is the least developed region in the Philippines. The Government of the Philippines (GOP) has been assisting the development of Mindanao through the establishment of Burunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East Asian Growth Area, BIMP- EAGA 1 . The Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway (Mindanao Section) which traverses the eastern part of the island from Davao City, the largest city of Mindanao, to the north through Agusan River Basin which was expected to be developed as a rice production area, constructed in 1979 with the assistance of Japanese ODA Loan s and played an important role in regional development 2 . However, as 17 years have passed since its completion, the pavements and shoulders of the highway have rapidly deteriorat ed due to the growing volume of traffic and natural calamities. Rehabilitation and improvement of the highway have become crucial in order to upgrade road efficiency and safety.

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