Philippine Economic Update | Accelerating Reforms to Sustain Growth


Historically, Mindanao has relied on hydropower to satisfy its power c onsumption needs. But with few attractive hydro plants left to be built, and modest potential in smaller renewable energy power plants, other options, notably coal fired power plants, are being considered. This Special Focus examines whether liquefied natu ral gas ( LNG ) based plants are a viable and cost - efficient alternative, and why an LNG terminal and associated power plant s are not being actively developed.

The island of Mindanao, home to 25 million people, suffers from a chronic shortage of power. This causes significant hardship to households that have access to electricity , constrains government efforts to increase access of households with no electricity connections, imposes huge costs on existing businesses, and deters new investment. Power s hortage is easily the most important economic issue on the island, and has wide - ranging social and political dimensions. Solving the power crisis will be critical to Mindanao’s development.

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Original Publication DateDecember 1, 2012