Peacebuilding in Asia


Peacebuilding is much more than negotiation. The Asia Foundation’s recent studies of conflict in the region indicate that the challenges to peace- building are usually political in nature. Long-running conflicts are often the result of policies and governance problems that create tensions between the government and some minority groups. Common grievances include overly centralized, unaccountable government; limitations on local identity and culture; a lack of accounting for past abuses; and poor access to justice and security.

The key to breaking the cycle of conflict is to address legitimate grievances by changing the nature of governance, security, and justice in these regions. The challenge is that these reforms may be controversial with the rest of the population in the country, and may be opposed by powerful interests. The path to peace must involve a shift toward moderate politics that will allow for key compromises and reforms to take place, or pave the way for a peace agreement.

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