DOF Optimism and Renewed Confidence Annual Report 2010


By the end of 2010, the Philippine economy posted a buoyant GDP growth of 7.6 percent. The impressive growth, fastest in more than two decades, is leading to renewed business confidence as the Philippine economy continues to build on sustained recovery.
Through the fiscal sustainability efforts spearheaded by the Department of Finance (DOF), the international community along with the entire Philippine society showed positive expectations of the economy and the new administration.
Hence, the cover depicts “Optimism and Renewed Confidence”. The cover presents the DOF building as its main visual. The building, which serves as a metaphor for the solidness of the DOF as an agent of reform, casts a reflection over the lower part of the design. Instead of a shadow, terms denoting areas of reform were used as the silhouette of the facade. These words and phrases (laminated/ UV Spot) describe the roles, mandate and agenda of DOF as it stands tall at the frontline of economic defense. To give more emphasis to the theme of optimism and hopefulness, gold is used as the primary color of the design.

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Original Publication DateJanuary 1, 2011