NIA Digest Special Edition 2013 Vol. XXXV A Recognition of the Glorious Partnership between NIA and the Irrigators Associations


The fifty-year existence of the National Irrigation Administration has been deeply anchored on its aim to provide quality irrigation services to the farmers in the country. One of its strategies to make this aim possible is to develop and strengthen its partnership with the primary stakeholder of irrigation development, the farmers, by organizing Irrigators Associations (IAs). As of June 2013, NIA through its Institutional Development Program (IDP) has been able to organize and train 7,500 IAs with 902,898 farmer-beneficiaries, covering a total area of 1,111,697 hectares. These IAs have become the agency’s partner in irrigation development and management. With the help of these IAs, the agency has been able to improve the state of irrigation in the country hence improving agriculture and ultimately the lives of many farmers and the country in general.

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