NIA Currents Vol. 15 No. 3 2014


As of May 2014, a total of 336 potential sites have been identified with 251 sites in Luzon, 37 sites in Visayas, and 48 sites in Mindanao with an initial 74,040 Megawatts and will generate a possible income of 1.85B. Site validation and assessment will be conducted by AA Vic Galvez in Luzon, Operations Department Manager Efren S. Roqueza and Atty. Dionio in Visayas, and Engineer Sande in Mindanao.
May 7, 2014, as summer heat intensely enveloped Cotabato Province, MMIP II warmly welcomes Engr. Ismael “Maeng” Tabije, Member, NIA Board of Directors and the Chairman, Board Audit Committee. Though a Genuine Ilocano (GI), he proudly says that he is a “Bisdak” (Bisayang Daku) as he was born and reared in Davao so he understood situations in Mindanao and its people. MMIP II Personnel gladly gathered and listen to the updates in NIA management, as controversies of the agency were in the newspaper

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