NGO-JICA Japan Desk Newsletter Vol.8


Progressive Educational Support and Accelerated Community ‐ based Entrepreneurship in Mindanao (PEACE ‐ Mindanao).
The Community Empowerment Program (CEP) featured this month is the “Progressive Educational Support and Accelerated Community‐based Entrepreneurship in Mindanao (PEACE ‐ Mindanao)” which started last November 2004.
PEACE‐Mindanao is a 15 month project that provides basic education and livelihood skills to poor, disadvantaged, marginalized and indigenous women , men and out of school youths amidst the conflict prevailing in M i ndanao . The Project is intended for the municipalities of Barira , Upi and Parang in Maguindanao, Marawi City in Lanao del Sur and Cotabato City.

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Original Publication DateSeptember 1, 2005