National Food Authority Annual Audit Report 2012


The National Grains Authority was created under Presidential Decree ( PD ) No. 4 dated September 26,1972 and became the National Food Authority (NFA) through PD No. 1770 dated January 14, 1981 with the original mandate to promote the integrated growth and de velopment of the grains industry , to provide food security in the staple cereals in times and places of calamity or emergency, both natur al or man - made and to promote the stabilization of supply and prices of staple cere als both at the farm gate and consumer levels. Pursuant to Executive Order (EO) No. 398 dated January 31, 1997, NFA undertakes the procurement of sugar when necessary. Furthermore, EO No. 22 issued i n September 1998, authorized NFA to include in its scope the marketing operation of other basic food items.

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