Moving out of Poverty | Rising from the ashes of conflict


In Tucampo, Mindanao, Philippines, a men’s group described in great detail how fear never left them all through the conflict period. Before, during, and even after the displacement, they repeated again and again, fear never left them. Forced to leave their farms, people had no way of making a living. When they came back they found farms, animals, and trees destroyed by bombs and neglect. They could not concentrate on their work and the hours that they could spend working depended on the peace and order on a given day. “We visit our farms, but fear never left us. It affected our livelihoods because we could not concentrate on working at our farms since we were very cautious with our surroundings. Something might happen and we might have to run for our lives.” A women’s discussion group in Glikati, Philippines, spoke of the casualties in their community: “They did not die because they got caught in the crossfire. They died because of health complications, for example, heart attacks triggered by nervousness and mental stress. But all these deaths were triggered by the conflict.”

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