Moving Out of Poverty in Bukidnon, Philippines


Bukidnon is a landlocked province in Northern Mindanao, comprising 20 municipalities and two cities, Malaybalay (the provincial cap ital) and Valencia. Bukidnon has a land area of 829,378 hectares, making it the largest province in Northern Mindanao and the eighth largest in the country. Although southern Bukidnon, composed of 10 municipalities, is endowed with vast resources and fertile land, development and progress have been slow in coming. In general, the southern part of Bukidnon province is poorer than northern Bukidnon, because the latter is closer to Cagayan de Oro, the area’s major metropolitan center. This section describe s the local conditions and trends in southern Bukidnon, presents a brief demographic profile, and discusses poverty statistics for the province and for the sample communities.

Source InstitutionWorld Bank
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Place of PublicationCagayan de Oro
Original Publication DateNovember 30, 2007