Mindanao Trust Fund Reconstruction & Development Program


In Mindanao, more than three decades of intermittent conflict have resulted in destruction of infrastructure, population displacements, deferred deve lopment, and lack of trust among people at the local level and between these and government authorities. Peace discussions have been going on and off between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Go vernment of the Republic of the Philippines. Several international development partners have taken steps to establish a World Bank administered multi- donor Mindanao Trust Fund to support post-confli ct reconstruction and development in the conflict affected areas in Mindanao and to build confidence among the affected communities to strive for peace.

A multi-donor joint needs assessment was undertaken in 2004-2005, the findings and recommendations of which are guiding the MTF-RDP program. The MTF-RDP started in 2006; it is not expected to be a substitute for on-going or planned bilateral or multila teral programs for Mindanao. However, by focusing this fund on conflict-affected communities, initial resources will be focused on the worst-off areas.

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