Mindanao Container Terminal Project


Development of transport infrastructure to promote economic growth in Mindanao Island is one of the most important policies of the Philippine government. To this aim, the Cagayan de Oro port, which is one of the key ports in Northern Mindanao, is given a critical role as a hub, in terms of logistical strategies, to connect local agricultural and industrial areas with major cities in the Philippines including Manila and Cebu, and other major consumption areas in Southeast Asia.
The existing Cagayan de Oro port, however, was facing overcapacity (the berth occupation ratio was over 100%) and inefficiency, and eventually offshore-waiting duration for vessels was getting longer at the time of the appraisal of this project. In addition, since the port was catering for passenger boats as well as cargo carriers, congestion was getting more and more serious. Moreover, since the port was located in the old city area, access roads were narrow and congested, leading to lengthy transport time for delivery of goods and materials to the port from factories and other areas.

Source InstitutionJapan International Cooperation Agency
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