Millennium Development Goal Progress in Mindanao


This study investigates the behavior of LGU finances in relation to the MDG p rogress in Mindanao using the income and expenditures of 27 cities and 393 municipalities from CY2001 to 2011. The random effects (RE) model was employed to derive the final estimates of panel LGUs due to its advantage in conducting panel data analysis.
Major findings revealed that not all LGUs are operating efficiently in terms of allocating resources to basic social services due to the huge expenditure surplus found . Nevertheless, the results disclose some of the vital expenditure s needed to improve fur ther the MDG scorecard at the local level.
Findings also convey the important role of good governance ( D1 ) and degree of urbanization ( D3 ) in attaining sound fiscal policy that includes social services delivery and economic transactions at the LGUs level in Mindanao .

Source InstitutionNational Statistical Coordination Board
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Place of PublicationQuezon City
Original Publication DateJanuary 1, 2015