Marine Aquarium Market Transformation Initiative


In addition to being the Executing Agency, the role of IFC in the MAMTI project will be to provide overall guidance and advice to the project Partners on achieving market transformation, based on IFC experience in other market transformation initiatives and environmentally and socially sound sustainable development. In addition, in the area of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development in the Philippines and Indonesia, the IFC Program for Eastern Indonesia SME Assistance (PENSA) will collaborate with the MAMTI project. The IFC PENSA staff and network of experts in marketing, access to capital and business association development will be able to provide advisory services. There is also the potential for Asian Development Bank support to PENSA for developing linkages and a series of pilot programs for both Indonesia and the Philippines SMEs involved in the marine ornamentals trade, e.g. knowledge and skills sharing, with a focus on North Sulawesi (Manado) and Mindanao (Davao) and, at a later stage, projects might be scaled up to include other parts of the Philippines (Mindanao and Palawan). The MAMTI team has had frequent meetings with the PENSA staff, both in Bali and in Manila as PENSA will be a key component of MAMTI's effort to build business development capacity in the collector communities.

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