JICA Newsletter No.9 In Search of Effective State-building Support to Countries in “Fragile” Situations


A Mindanao case study was jointly composed by Naoyuki Ochiai (Southeast Asia Division), Naofumi Nagaishi (Philippines Office) and Tomonori Kikuchi (Senior Advisor for Reconstruction and Development in Mindanao).
State-building in so-called “fragile states,” a condition where the core functions of the state have been severely weakened by negative impacts such as violent conflict, is one of JICA- RI’s priority research themes. As part of its research in this area, a comparative analysis of JICA’s experiences of state-building support in three Asian countries is underway, and part of the interim findings has been supplied to the World Bank as a background paper for the compilation of the World Development Report 2011 (WDR 2011) on state fragility, conflict and development.

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Original Publication DateMarch 1, 2010