International Bank for Reconstruction and Development Project Appraisal Document


Program Support Office (PSO). The existing PSO for Mindanao (under MRDP2) will continue to be utilized, and additional PSOs will be established for Northern Philippines (Luzon A) and Central Philippines (Visayas), while th e NPCO would handle the PSO function for Luzon B. These PSOs would play a key role in pr oject implementation a nd have the following functions: (a) accountability for its specific DesA; (b) review and approve sub-projects for bidding; (c) provide orientation for the RFOs and PLGUs during project rollout; (d) design and implement capacity enhancement activities, including orientation and training of RPCOs on project systems and procedures such as financial management, procurement and planning; (e) ensure the quality and appropriateness of technical and financial documents submitted by RPCOs (e.g., Feasibility Studies, Detailed Engineering Design, bid documents, etc.); (f) oversee the development of baseline data for monitoring and evaluating project activities; (g) facilitate technical assistance for the project component s by coordinating with DA Services (ITCAF, AMAS, FOS, PRS, PDS, PS, FMS, and Administration) and attached agencies of DA (ATI, BPI, BAR, BFAR, BSWM, etc.); (h) consolidate regional reports on physical and financial progress; (i) promote cohesion and synergy in the planning and implementation of PRDP; (j) ensure that all activities are properly coordinated with the RP COs; and (k) facilitate a quarterly conference of RPCOs to promote integration.

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