Improvement in Power Grid Project


After new power plan ts driven by gas turbine , et c. started operations , the Luzon grid emerged from a power crisis at the end of 1993 . From 1994 through the first half of 19 95 , it has maintained a reserve capacity of m ore than 300MW on average , which was enough to meet the power demand at that time . After that, construction of large base load thermal power plants such as th e No . 2 Unit of the Calaca Coal-F ired Power Pl ant (300 MW ) and Pagbilao Coal-Fired Power Plant (700 MW) was planned. Also, for th e Mindanao grid , Mindanao I Geothermal Power Plant ( 108 MW) and Zamboanga Diesel Power Plant (112 MW ) were constructed. Thus, steady progress in power source development was expected for the Luzon and Mindanao grids. As for transmission and transformation facilities, aside from the plan to connect the Visayas grid to the Luzon grid, sufficient efforts, such as the construction of transmission lines and construction and extension of substations and the existing facilities, had not been made to improve the grid system so a capacity shortage was expected.

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