Gender Profile of the Philippines


According to the Mindanao Commission on Women, urgent attention should be given to Mindanao Women in the areas of economic opportunities, reproductive health, political participation, education and even basic services such as water and power. The Moro and Lumad women are the poorest and most disadvantaged among the Mindanao population. They are not only victims of the long running conflict in Mindanao but resilient surviv ors as well. Moro and Lumad women are considered as minorities within minorities.
According to the Mindanao Commission on Women, bride abduction, forced marriage and payment of bride price still persist as part of the culturally sanctioned practices in Mindanao. Further, other forms of sexual violence like incest rape, sexual harassment, wife battering and abuse in intimate relationships are still common in the everyday lives of many wo men in Mindanao, especially those in the remote areas.

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