Forging Sustainable Peace in Mindanao: The Role of Civil Society Policy Studies 17


This study investigates the role of civil society in forging sustainable peace in Mindanao. It argues that civil society groups have the potential to make significant contributions to the management of the separatist conflict in the southern Philippines and in forging durable peace. Due to the inherent weakness of civil society groups, however, as well as other local and national conditions, their impact has been indirect, limited, and of little consequence to the macro political process. Nevertheless, the role of civil society in peace building is important and should be developed. To this end, the study offers several recommendations to strengthen civil society,especially Muslim civil society, and deepen its interaction with the public at large (especially the Christian population) as well as local and national governments—all with a view to enhancing the key role that civil society groups can play in bringing about a lasting peace in Mindanao.

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