Forests in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States


Another imprecise aspect of both the definition and measurement of fragile states is the variability with a state territory. There are often geographical pockets of fragility within countries , for example, Mindanao in the Philippines, Papua in Indonesia, AmazĂ´nas in Brazil, Chiapas in Mexico, the Naxalite strongholds in India . These areas have poor access to government services but are also often the most richly forested due to their remoteness from urban centers, and are often populated by minority populations whose forest rights may be only tenuously recognized if at all.

Because forest sector data tend to be collected on a national level and many analyses have therefore also concentrated at the national level, this synthesis cannot do justice to the unique dynamics of sub - national conflicts occurring in forested areas. The history and causality of tensions in these areas is deeply contextual and cannot be reduced to a struggle over forests alone, but the damage caused by logging without significant revenue return is a source of grievance that animates the conflict, and the control of land and forests and the revenues derived from them are of ten central bargaining chips for peace agreements , suggesting this is an arena for in - depth field study.

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