Feasibility Studies and Detailed Engineering Design of Remedial Works in Specified Landslide Areas and Road Slip Sections


Davao-Calinan-Buda Road has an approximate length of 81.0 kms. It plays an important role in assuring the economic progress of Davao City and its neighboring province of North Cotabato. It fictions as a strategic link connecting Regions X and XI, The Davao-Calinan-Buda Road is the most practical route compared to the old route, which use the northern circumferential highway via Butuan City. The old route is about 486 km. from Davao City to Cagayan de Oro City, as against this new route which is only 309 km.

Maramag-Kibawe-Kabacan Road connects the provinces of' Bukidnon and North Cotabato and as a strategic link of Regions X and XII.

During the implementation of the civil works component of the Highway Management Program (HMP), there were segments/sections of the Davao-Calinan- Buda Road and Maramag-Kibawe-Kabacan Road that experienced landslides and road slips. These segment/sections need immediate remedial works to ensure continuous accessibility between Davao City and neighboring provinces in Mindanao.

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