Fact-Finding Report on the Noriyo Ohara Case


DD Esmeralda disclosed that he was the one who mov ed during the December 5 Directorial Staff Meeting tha t Garcia and Cabillan be relieved from SMD and reassigned to the ir Mindanao units. He cited the policy of the Bureau to reassig n people who are subjects of derogatory reports that tarnish the nam e of the NBI. Besides, Chief/SI Garcia was also involved in an in discriminate firing incident last November 17, 2011. The Deputy Directors decided to recommend such course of action to the D irector. He later learned from DD Chiong that Director Gatdula overturned the decision and instead assigned Garcia and Cabill an to the ODDAS.

Source InstitutionDepartment of Justice
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Original Publication DateJanuary 1, 2012