Exploring Partnerships between Communities and Local Governments in Community Driven Development: A Framework


Mindanao Rural Development Project

MRDP is an APL, which became effective in Marc h 2000, with four phases expected to span some 15 years. The project aims to reduce poverty of poor and indigenous peoples by improving incomes and food security through “implementation of better targeted agricultural and fisheries-related rural development and biological diversity conservation programs, and improved LG institutional, management and financial systems.

Its four components are: (1) rural infrastructure -- roads, community irrigation, rural water supply and capacity building in infrastructure management; (2) community fund for agricultural development (CFAD) – a municipal-level fund financing diverse, community-driven sub-projects; (3) rural development planning and resource allocation, and agriculture and fisheries productivity enhancement – which, among other things, supports improved LG capacities for development planning, resource allocation, financial management and monitoring & evaluation; and (4) coastal/marine biodiversity conservation.

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