Exploring Conflict Management in the Autonomous Region of Muslim MIndanao


The Asia Foundation conceptualized and funded a study that looked into the cleavages, roots of conflict and possible mechanisms of conflict management in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao orARMM. In partnership with the Office of the President and TNS-TRENDS, a probability survey of households in ARMM and adjacent areas was undertaken. The findings indicate a high level of pride for one’s ethnicity and religion, high church attendance and high regard for religious leaders in ARMM. The study also revealed that Muslim ethnic groups are more divided than they would care to admit. Inter-family and clan conflicts tend to be more prevalent than “military-rebel” wars or “Muslim-Christian” feuds.On conflict resolution, majority says that appealing to higher authorities would be the most effective means. When asked what would be best for ARMM, most would prefer that Islamic laws be implemented n ARMM rather than support moves to secede from the Philippines. The study findings give much insight on how to further explore new and efficient ways of managing conflicts in ARMM.

Source InstitutionThe Asia Foundation
Source URLhttp://asiafoundation.org/resources/pdfs/ExploringConflict.pdf
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Place of PublicationMakati City
Original Publication DateFebruary 24, 2004