Ex-Post Evaluation of Japanese ODA Loan Mindanao Sustainable Settlement Area Development Project


The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) carried out this project i n 123 barangays (smallest level of administrative unit) in eight settlement areas , special agrarian reform communities (ARC) on Mindanao Island to increase farmers’ income from agriculture and improve access to infrastructures, such as roads and bridges , barangay health station , and school buildings . The objective of this project is to promote poverty reduction in the special ARC s in Mindanao where priority o n development is lower than in other areas and the poverty incidence (family) is higher. This objective is consistent with the Philippine Government’s development policy and needs and the Japanese Government’s aid policy to the Philippines. Therefore, the relevance of the project is high. The effectiveness and impact also are high, for the project generated the following effects: reduction in the cost and time of delivery of farm products as a result of the construction of rural roads and bridges, improvement in market access, an increase in farmers’ income from agriculture as a result of an increase in f armers’ motivation for production of farm products, improvement in the access to social infrastructures for public health and education, improvement in total income and living environment, and revitalization of the local economy. Although the project cost was far lower than estimated because of a change in the exchange rate, the efficiency was fair because the project period was longer than planned as a result of a delay in starting the project. Sustainability of the project effect is judged to be fair because of minor problems in technology and finance for management and maintenance. In light of the above, the Project is evaluated to be satisfactory .

Source InstitutionJapan International Cooperation Agency
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