East Asia And Pacific Regional Overview


Poverty in the Philippines is also likely to have fallen in the last couple of year s, but at a slower pace than in Thailand and Vietnam, falling at the $2 level from an estimated 47 percent in 2000 to about 45 percent in 2002. However disparities in poverty incidence across sectors remain significant. While urban poverty has declined, poverty in the rural areas remains obstinately high, with three-quarters of poor families still residing in the provinces. Poverty incidence among the ten poorest provinces ranges from 53-63 percent. These provinces are mostly found in Mindanao, Cordillera, and the Bicol region. In comparison, the least poor provinces had poverty incidence ranging from 5-12 percent. Mostly, these are cities and provinces located in the NCR and the CALABAR zone area. Economic isolation is an important correlate of poverty incidence at the regional level.

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