Dynamics and Management of Rido in the Province of Maguindanao


In an effort to create a clearer understanding of the conflict in Mindanao, The Asia Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development supported Mindanao-based research institutions and non-government organizations in investigating the dynamics of clan violence, otherwise known as rido. This study, along with others, provides a comprehensive conflict map showing the scope and magnitude of clan conflicts in Mindanao. The studies highlight specific cases of conflict, exploring their root causes and conditions for escalation and recurrence, their interaction with state-related conflicts, and the potential for conflict resolution.

Source InstitutionThe Asia Foundation
Source URLhttps://asiafoundation.org/resources/pdfs/IBSExecSummary3.pdf
Page Count4
Place of PublicationManila
Original Publication DateJune 1, 2005