DOLE Good News Volume III Number 10


The SEnA is a reform measure enacted by Secretary Baldoz in 2010 under Department Order No. 107 pursuant to the 22-point Labor and Employment Agenda of President Benigno S. Aquino III, particularly on seeking to avoid litigious and expensive proceedings, while promoting integrity, efficacy, and fairness in the delivery of labor justice in the country. Under this reform, the DOLE and its attached agencies are mandated to strictly follow a 30-day mandatory conciliation-mediation process for all cases so that these will not mature into full-blown, legal proceedings.
It is an administrative approach that provides speedy, impartial, inexpensive, and accessible settlement of all labor issues. The SEnA has a rallying cry of “Problema sa Trabaho, I-SEnA mo!”. Under the SEnA, conciliation-mediation is done by Single Entry Approach Desk Officers (SEADOs) who are trained to fast-track settlement of all labor and employment cases, also called requests for assistance, brought before them.

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