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In Mindanao, more than three decades of intermittent conflict have resulted in the destruction of infrastructure, population displacements, deferred development, and a lack of trust among people at the local level and with government authorities. Peace discussions have been underway between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Government of the Philippines. The PH-MTF was established to support post-conflict reconstruction and development in the conflict- affected areas in Mindanao and to build confidence among the affected communities to strive for peace. The PH-MTF is a mechanism for development partners to pool resources and coordinate their support for assisting economic and social recovery in the conflict-affected and vulnerable areas of Mindanao. The PH-MTF has multiple phases. It is currently under Phase 1 of capacity-building and community- driven development. The Bank and its development partners have agreed in principle to expand the Program and are currently designing the expanded phase.

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