Designing Community-Driven Development Operations in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations


Finally, regarding the selection process, guidance was that a non-competitive selection model is less risky and contentious in FCS . Competition in the grant selection process allows better proposals to be selected and can be perceived as more merit-based. Competition is the norm in the East Asia Pacific (EAP) region and some African countries. However, in FCS there is a greater risk that this could be perceived as unfair or biased against weaker communities (which actually may have more need) and hence can ignite conflict. Therefore, a process that provides a fixed allocation to communities without competition may be a safer and more equitable approach. Within the sample, discussions with task teams revealed that, when it comes to awarding grants to communities, a non-competitive model was chosen, even in EAP. In Aceh (BRA-KDP), this model ensured that grants reached everyone who was affected by conflict; and competition was suspended in Mindanao, Philippines, in order to avoid igniting conflict. (Page 41)

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