Chapter 1 Southeast Asia 2005 Comprehensive Cooperation toward ASEAN Integration


Conflict victims suffering from poverty and living in uncertainty. In the Muslim Mindanao region, which is located at the southernmost tip of the Mindanao Islands in the Philippines, public security is poor not to mention political instability, economic stagnation and extreme poverty. The income of the local residents is one-third of the national average, and the indicators of access to basic utilities such as water, electricity, and sanitary toilet facilities are less than half the national aver- age. For peace and security of the area, JICA embarked on a full-fledged assistance in 2003 and is currently providing cooperation in a wide area centered on agriculture, health care, and reinforcement of administrative capacity. Conflicts spanning over two decades in the Muslim Mindanao region cause economic stagnation, cultivate distrust of other ethnic groups and dependence on violence among the local people, and deprive the people of hope. Children, women, and those who are injured in conflicts live under particularly severe liv- ing conditions among conflict-affected persons.

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