2009 Annual Report (2009 Economic Highlights)


In 2009, the uneven path of global economic recovery cast shadows of doubt about the impact of economic stimulus. For many governments, the timing of an exit strategy became as relevant as the amount of the rescue package. The cover depicts a holistic approach to economic recovery and sustainable development. Government resources need to be mobilized in order to put up and maintain efficient infrastructure that can attract investment and promote business. In the Philippines, while there were urgent calls for more government resources and intervention to protect the most vulnerable, the DOF maintained its partnership and kept its commitments with the international community. Forging alliances, both at the regional and global levels, only hastens the recovery process, and at the same time, advances the country’s commitment for the achievement of Millennium Development Goals.

Source InstitutionDepartment of Finance
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Original Publication DateJanuary 1, 2010