Big Wars, Small Wars: the Interplay of Large-scale and Community Armed Conflicts in Central Mindanao


“Large-scale war has its effects on persistent and pre-existing local conflicts,” observes a 2003 World Bank social assessment on conflict affected areas in Mindanao. “One consequence of this is that parties to localized conflict often had occasion to bring
military resources of secessionist movements and of the government to descend upon their enemies,” concludes the World Bank report.
This study noted that the World Bank observation also manifests in certain situations in Central Mindanao. Local conflicts trigger large-scale armed confrontations between government and rebel forces. In these events, parties to localized conflicts are able to exploit the military resources of both forces. In certain cases, parties to localized armed conflicts are themselves part of the military resources of both government and rebel forces. Localized armed conflicts have an impact on large-scale armed conflicts precisely because of the ability of parties in local conflicts to bring the military resources of both state and rebels in confronting their perceived enemies. In other occasions, local armed groups are tapped by government and rebel forces in large-scale armed engagements.

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Original Publication DateJune 1, 2005