A year of Service Breakthroughs | Annual Report 2011


We undertook a comprehensive review of our policies and programs and implemented those that will promote the greater benefit of our stakeholders.

First, we relaxed the entitlement to survivorship pension. Under the basic principle that pension is a right and not a privilege, we enabled surviving spouses of members and they are gainfully employed or receiving income or pension from other institutions. With a retroactive application, more than 6,000 surviving spouses whose pensions were the new policy.

Second, we cancelled the Annual Renewal of Active Status (ARAS) as a requirement for our local pensioners to receive their pension. Requiring our old-age and disability pensioners to come to our offices for the yearly renewal of their status on their birth month is difficult given their age and fragile health. As an alternative measure, we partnered with the National Statistics Office (NSO) and the Local Civil Registrar to determine our pensioners’ status. The new policy however, excludes pensioners living abroad who are beyond the jurisdiction of the NSO, and pensioners based in the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), while the NSO completes its reporting and registration system in the region.

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