Department of Health Annual Report 2007


This is part of the efforts to improve health system reform in terms of its performance and responsiveness to the people. It focused on the analysis of bottlenecks in health financing implementation. It outlines the process, the healthcare financing strategy framework, the health financing situation and current strategy in the country. The policy options presented in the paper defines the considerations toward which major reforms in 2010 for DOH, PHIC and other stakeholders should be taken. It is desired that implementation of this strategy paper will promote: a) financial risk protection; and b) fair distribution in the burden of funding. It should be able to also address the following intermediate objectives: a) promotion of equitable use and provision of services related to need; b) efficiency in the administration of the health financing system; and c) quality in the efficiency in service delivery.
During the year 2007, the department continuously implemented FOURmula One (F1) for Health and has inspired additional 21 provinces to participate as F1 implementation sites which includes the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao. The reforms which F1 offers are opportunities for all. No one should really be excluded in our efforts to promote equity, efficiency and effectiveness across the Philippine health system. We have prioritized interventions that target the health challenges particularly facing those who are poor and vulnerable.

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