Alignment selection of Davao City bypass


The proposed bypass road is located at the southern end of the Agusan - Davao Basin. It is north - south trending elongated basin of 350 km located between the Pacific Cordillera and the Central Mindanao Cordillera.
In Mindanao, the Central Mindanao Cordillera, Agusan - Dav a o Basin and Pacific Cordillera are part of the Philippine arc. The Central Mindan ao Cordillera is thrust westwards over the Lanao - Bukidnon Highlands. Also t he Pacific Cordillera is thrust westwards over the Agusan Davao Basin.
T he Saranggani Ridge, Davao Gulf and Pujada Peninsula respectively correspond to the volcanic arc, forearc bas in and forearc of the Saranggani arc. Saranggani Ridge is convex to the east and is being thrust eastwards over the Davao Gulf.

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