A Guide for International Observation of the 2007 Philippines National Election


To be an effective observer, it is important that you understand how isolated events can affect the entire process, so please read the entire manual carefully prior to the commencement of polling on election day. A Note on Security During the Election: Observation is exciting, but should never be dangerous. Maintaining your personal security should be your number one priority throughout your observation experience. If at any time, for any reason, you feel it is not safe to observe in a particular area, then DO NOT GO THERE. The only information required from such areas is that you felt it unsafe to observe. This information is important because it is a clear indication that the environment was not conducive to the conduct of free and fair elections. If there is a violent incident or threat of violence while you are observing the campaign, or at a polling station, remain calm, and leave the area as soon as possible. DO NOT RETURN! Emergency contact numbers and additional information on the security situation in different parts of the Philippines will be provided by your coordinator.

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