A Contribution to the Philippines Country Environmental Analysis


The municipality of Nabunturan in Compostela Valley province is one of the many upland municipalities in Southern Mindanao that is perenni ally plagued by poverty and declining economic productivity because of the continuous degradation of its upland areas from deforestation, soil erosion, slash and burn farming and poor farming techniques.

Nabunturan Mayor Macario T. Humol realised the need for a ‘wholistic but radical approach’ to protect the upland from further degradation because of its effect to farmer’s income and Nabunturan’s economic productivity. Nabunturan’s approach to sustainably develop the municipality’s 18 upland barangays was based on the sustainable upland development (SUD) model initiative by the EU-UDP project that sustained the resource base of the uplands and improved the living standards of people who derive most of their incomes from the uplands

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Place of PublicationNabunturan, Compostela Valley
Original Publication DateSeptember 1, 2008