A Case Study of the Forages for Smallholders Project


The project proceeded by conducting fieldwork at two contrasting FSP sites — Malitbog in the Philippines, and M’Drak in Vietnam. Malitbog is located in Bukidnon Province in Mindanao at 8° N latitude, 124° E longitude, and 250–1,000 masl, with average annual precipitation of 2,000 mm and 2–4 months of <50 mm rainfall. There is an extensive upland farming system with soils of pH 5.9 and low–medium soil fertility. The FSP is working with farmer groups to develop forage technologies for intensively managed plots and contour hedgerows. Farmers commenced planting forages on their own land for evaluation in 1997 from species selected from a regional evaluation site established in the area in 1995–96. M’Drak is located in Daclac Province in the central highlands of Vietnam at 12° N latitude, 109° E longitude, and around 500 masl, with average annual rainfall of 1,400 mm and 4 months of <50 mm rainfall. An extensive upland farming system has been developed in the last 15 years to replace Imperata cylindrica grassland on soils of pH 4.5–5.5 and of low- medium fertility. On-farm evaluation of forages was commenced by 30 farmers in 1997 from species selected from a regional evaluation site established in 1996. The main interest of farmers is in forages to supplement local feed for cattle.

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