DOJ Annual Report 2004


The Public Attorney's Office maintains sixteen (16) regional offices, two hundred fifty-seven (257) districts and six (6) sub- districts offices strategically located nationwide.

As of December 2004, PAO has one thou~and nineteen (1,019) lawyers, Eight hundred seventy three (873) lawyers actively handle criminal and dvil cases before two thousand one hundred thirty courts (2,130) nationwide and about thirty (30) lawyers devote themselves on appealed cases before the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, while the others are tasked with administrative concerns.

During the period, the 873 trial lawyers were able to assist a staggering five million three hundred twenty-three thousand five hundred eighty four (5,323,584) indigent clients and handled one million two hundred seventy five thousand five hundred seventy five (1 ,275,575) judicial and quasi-judidal cases.

On the average, a PAO trial lawyer assisted an average six thousand ninety-eight (6,098) clients and handled one thousand four hundred sixty-two (1 ,462) judidal and quasi-judicial cases.

Among the significant cases and activities for the year 2004 are the following:

- Rendered legal assistance to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) leaders and members, which culminated in the dismissal of the criminal complaints filed against them for their alleged participation in several bombing incidents in Mindanao

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