Country Water Resources Assistance Strategy 2003


In general, critical areas that encounter serious water resources constraints are in the Manila/Angat/Laguna de Bay region, Cebu, and the Magat basin. These regions (particularly Manila) also have serious water pollution problems. The Mindanao basin also hosts one of the country’s largest wetlands and one of the biggest wetlands in EAP region—the Liguasan marsh.The marsh forms a vital component of the Mindanao basin ecosystem and supports a great variety of wildlife and wetland species of grasses. Development has so far taken a toll on the wetland, which has been shrinking over the years, and some areas with- in the marsh are now permanently dry. Preservation of the remaining wetland and its biodiversity would be a development challenge, and the march can therefore be considered amongst the critical regions. Potential Bank-support to Liguasan marsh is contingent upon the level of peace and order in Mindanao.

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Original Publication DateJanuary 1, 2003