LBP We Help Nurture Our Growing Nation 2014 Annual Report


Largely situated in the 1st class municipality of Polomolok in South Cotabato, this vast pineapple plantation of Dole Philippines is sprawled against the imposing Mt. Matutum. Greening over 10,000 hectares and cutting across several towns, this pineapple kingdom is where the heart of a people beats strongly with the passion to grow and thrive. The surrounding communities benefiting from the lifeline of this business belong to the very same sectors for which LANDBANK lives. And here, as in other places, LANDBANK endeavors to bring sustainable growth opportunities to as many Filipinos. In its thrust to promote inclusive and large-scale development, LANDBANK paves paths just like in this agricultural landscape – clear, straight, diverse yet interconnected. Never losing sight of its vision, and hand-in-hand with the people, LANDBANK helps nurture our growing nation.

Source InstitutionLand Bank of the Philippines
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Original Publication DateJanuary 1, 2015