National Irrigation Administration Annual Report 2005


Mindanao Sustainable Settlement Area Development Project (MINSSADP). Funded under the JBIC 25th Yen Loan Program, the Project started in January 2002 and is expected to be completed in December 2007. The project has three components, namely: irrigation development, post-harvest facilities and institutional development. Under these components, farmers will be organized and developed into IA to become effective partners of NIA in irrigation development and boost agricultural production within the DAR selected settlement areas in Regions 10, 11 and 13.
With this project, a total of 25 CIP/CIS, with a total estimated cost of P510.31M, is programmed for construction/rehabilitation. These projects will irrigate some 2,700 ha when fully operational.
As of year-end, feasibility studies on 21 projects were completed and four are still ongoing. Of the 21 projects, 19 were found to be feasible, 1 not feasible and 1 to be deferred. Detailed engineering for 14 of the 19 projects were completed. Construction is already ongoing for 3 projects. Total available allotment for the year was P65.8M (P65.2M from CY 2005 Program and P0.6M from carry-over funds). Correspondingly, this amount was supported with cash/non- cash of P55.7M. Obligation incurred was P26.2M.

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