Sub-National Estimates of the Percentage of Health Facility Deliveries in the Philippines


The region with the highest proportion of health facility deliveries is the National Capital Region with 69.3% while the region with the lowest is the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao with 14.7%. According to the 2008 NDHS, the proportion of deliveries in a health facility among all births is 44 . 2 % (National Statistics Office [NSO], 2009). In comparison with the previous surveys, the proportion went up from 34% in 1998 a n d 37.9% in 2003 (NSO, 2006). Regional estimates are also available.
The percentage of health facility deliveries in the Philippine s was estimated at the sub-national level using small a r ea estimation technique. Using the 2008 National Demographic an d Health Survey (NDHS), direct estimation was employed to estimate the percentage. This technique only had 49 estimates with viable measure of MSE, 51 short of the target of 100 estimates. To improve the estimates, model-based technique such as the regression- synthetic procedure was used. The regression model using the said technique had three predictors: (1 ) proportion of households with water soiled toilets, (2) proportion of the number of doctors to the total number of health workers, an d the (3) proportion of the number of health and social work establishment to the total number of establishments which were taken from the 2007 Field Health Service Information Systems, 2007 Countryside in Figures, and the 2006 Census of Philippine Businesses and Industries, respectively.

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