Socio-Economic Reconstruction and Development of conflict-affected areas in Mindanao


The Mindanao is the group of islands in southern part of the Philippines, occupying a total land area of approximately 106,000 km 2 , which accounts for one-third of the country’s terrestrial territory. The Mindanao is gifted diverse terrains with extraordinary rich natural resources, which is considered as ideal for agriculture, mine and tourism industry. Besides, the Mindanao is the land of historical conflicts. The region is home to the Muslims composed of many ethnic groups such as the Maranao and the Tausug, the Banguingui.
Among the Mindanao, the Study covers the “Conflict-Affected Areas in Mindanao (CAAMs)” as shown in the Figure 1 and presented in Table 1. It encompasses 3,847 barangays, 151 cities and municipalities, 13 prov inces and six regions, IX, X, XI, XII and ARMM. Within six regions, most of the CAAMs are located in three regions, ARMM, Region IX and XII, which account approximate ly 91% of conflict affected barangays. ARMM contains approximately 75% of conflic t affected barangays, and therefore can be considered as the most important region for the Project.

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