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PhilHealth Procurement Monitoring Report 2014 PhilHealth 34 Manila
A Framework for Regulating Microfinance Institutions: The Experience in Ghana and the Philippines World Bank 40 Pasig City November 1, 2001
PhilHealth Dialysis Clinics 2015 PhilHealth 5 Manila March 31, 2015
PhilHealth Ambulatory Surgical Clinics 2015 PhilHealth 4 Manila March 31, 2015
Conflict Prevention and Reconstruction (CPR) Unit | CPR and Related Publications on Conflict and Development World Bank 43 Pasig City
Competition Policy and Regulation in Power and Telecommunications World Bank 32 Pasig City July 1, 2005
Decentralizing Health: Lessons from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam World Bank 24 Pasig City
2010 Stats & Charts PhilHealth 23 Manila
PhilHealth Insurance Coverage 2014 PhilHealth 12 Manila
Political Economy & Forced Displacement World Bank 55 Washington DC June 17, 2014
PhilHealth Animal Bite Package Providers 2012 PhilHealth 4 Manila December 31, 2012
2011 Stats & Charts PhilHealth 27 Manila
The Philippines in the 1980s: A Review of National and Urban Level and Economic Reforms World Bank 78 Pasig City February 1, 1993
Environmental Management Success Stories: A Contribution to the Philippines Country Environmental Analysis World Bank 7 Pasig City September 1, 2008
Decentralization in the Philippines | Strengthening Local Government Financing & Resource Management in the Short Term World Bank 69 Pasig City March 31, 2005
Improving Land Sector Governance in the Philippines World Bank 179 Pasig City August 13, 2013
PhilHealth Circular No. 033 S-2012 PhilHealth 27 Manila June 20, 2012
Specific Guidelines Department of Budget and Management 28 Manila Specific Guidelines
PhilHealth Advisory No. 09-02-2013 PhilHealth 1 Manila
Position Classification and Compensation Scheme for Faculty Positions in State Universities and Colleges Department of Budget and Management 26 Manila Compensation Scheme, Research Report University

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