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Title Source Institution Page Count Place of Publication Original Publication Date Tags
DepED MEMORANDUM NO.2 ,s. 2003 Department of Education 21 Manila January 14, 2003
JICA Report 2013 Inclusive and Dynamic Development Japan International Cooperation Agency 19 Makati City
Preparatory Survey Report on the Project for community development in conflict-affected areas in mindanao Japan International Cooperation Agency 151 Metro Manila February 1, 2015
Department of Health Annual Report 1997 Department of Health 72 Manila January 1, 1998 Community Health Service, DOH Annual
Cresta Profile Consolidated Government Service Insurance System 18 Pasay City January 1, 2007
Gender Profile of the Philippines Japan International Cooperation Agency 89 Makati City July 1, 2008
Delivering Record Results | Annual Report 2014 Government Service Insurance System 42 Pasay City January 1, 2015
DepED ORDER NO.10 ,s. 2007 Department of Education 22 Pasig City February 9, 2007
NGO-JICA Japan Desk Newsletter Vol.8 Japan International Cooperation Agency 4 Makati City September 1, 2005
Rising to the Challenge | Annual Report 2013 Government Service Insurance System 48 Pasay City January 1, 2014
DOH Costing study for selected hospitals in the Philippines Final Report Department of Health 53 Manila March 1, 2009 Costing study for selected hospitals, DOH Philippines Final Report
DepED ORDER NO.28 ,s. 2014 Department of Education 8 Manila May 19, 2014
Japanese Aid experiences on Cambodia, Afghanistan and Mindanao Japan International Cooperation Agency 67 Manila
Department of Health Annual Report 2003 Department of Health 36 Manila January 1, 2004 DOH Annual Report, Strengthening Partnership for Health
A year of Service Breakthroughs | Annual Report 2011 Government Service Insurance System 64 Pasay City January 1, 2012
Socio-Economic Reconstruction and Development of conflict-affected areas in Mindanao Japan International Cooperation Agency 35 Metro Manila
DepED ORDER NO.64 ,s. 2008 Department of Education 9 Manila October 20, 2008
Supplemental Annual Procurement Plan 2014 Government Service Insurance System 7 Pasay City June 30, 2014
Mindanao Sustainable Agrarian and Agriculture Development Project Japan International Cooperation Agency 2 Metro Manila
DepED MEMROANDUM NO. 528, s .2009 Department of Education 6 Manila December 15, 2009

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