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Title Source Institution Page Count Place of Publication Original Publication Date Tags
Korea Trust Fund | Annual Report 2015 World Bank 58 Pasig City January 1, 2016
Philippines Environment Monitor 2004 World Bank 23 Pasig City
The World Bank Economic Review Vol. 13 No. 3 World Bank 16 Pasig City
Internal displacement and the Kampala Convention: an opportunity for development actors World Bank 68 Pasig City November 20, 2012
Provincial Summary Number of Provinces, Cities, Municipalities and Barangays, by Region 2013 National Statistical Coordination Board 2 Quezon City June 30, 2013
The Philippine Environmental Impact Statement System: Framework, Implementation, Performance and Challenges World Bank 110 Pasig City June 1, 2007
Modeling of electricity consumption of Davao del Sur Using seasonal arima National Statistical Coordination Board 12 Quezon City
Climate Change in Coastal Communities World Bank 45 Pasig City January 1, 2013
Rehabilitation / Imporvement of Mindoro East Coast Road Project World Bank 102 Pasig City August 1, 2006
Status of Projects in Execution World Bank 42 Pasig City October 10, 2007
The Fisheries Improved for Sustainable Harvest (FISH) Project Completion Report September 2003 – September 2010 United States Agency for International Development 250 Manila December 9, 2010 Manual/Guide Sustainable Harvest, Special Report Completion Report
East Asia And Pacific Regional Overview World Bank 6 Pasig City
Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis of Population growth rates in selected areas in Mindanao National Statistical Coordination Board 19 Mandaluyong City October 1, 2013
Rural Electrification and Development in the Philippines: Measuring the Social and Economic Benefits World Bank 169 Washington DC May 1, 2002
Forests in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States World Bank 83 Washington DC October 1, 2010
Northern Mindanao: Economic and Social Statistics National Statistical Coordination Board 28 Cagayan de Oro City October 6, 2009
NSCB StatWatch Provincial Statwatch Region 10 National Statistical Coordination Board 2 Quezon City August 15, 2006
Health Promotion and Communication Project (HealthPRO) Annual Report June 2007 – September 2008 United States Agency for International Development 48 Manila January 1, 2009 Annual Report Communication Project, Annual Report Health Promotion
NSCB Fact Sheet Poverty in Northern Mindanao Eases Amidst Worsening National Situation in 2003 – 2006 National Statistical Coordination Board 3 Quezon City March 12, 2008
Health Promotion and Communication Project in the Philippines Final Report United States Agency for International Development 120 Manila September 1, 2012 Special Report Communication Project, Special Report Health Promotion

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