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Title Source Institution Page Count Place of Publication Original Publication Date Tags
Rural Development Report Volume 3 World Bank 138 Pasig City December 1, 2005
DepED MEMORANDUM No.134, s.2003 Department of Education 7 Manila April 21, 2003
Department of Energy Circular No. DC2013-01-0001 Department of Energy 4 Manila
Department of Health Annual Report 2002 Department of Health 36 Manila January 1, 2003 DOH Public Health Programs
DepED ORDER No.57, s.2015 Department of Education 9 Manila December 23, 2015
Political Dynaties and Poverty: Evidence from the Philippines National Statistical Coordination Board 21 Mandaluyong City October 1, 2013
Mindanao Power Supply and Demand Outlook Department of Energy 9 Manila
Human Development Report Volume 2 World Bank 120 Pasig City December 1, 2005
Mindanao Power Development Advocacy Department of Energy 61 Cagayan de Oro City September 1, 2013
DOH Files Vol.1 Issue 4 Department of Health 8 Manila August 1, 2014 DOH Files Newsletter
Alignment selection of Davao City bypass Japan International Cooperation Agency 133 Manila
DOH The Philippines Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Strategic Plan 2014 – 2018 Department of Health 29 Manila Philippines Civil Registration, Statistics Strategic Plan
Mindanao Power Situation Department of Energy 20 Cagayan de Oro City April 10, 2013
Kautusang Pangkagawaran No.104, s.2009 Department of Education 14 Pasig City October 7, 2009
Data collection on situation of nationwide flood forecasting and warning system in Philippines Japan International Cooperation Agency 207 Manila September 1, 2013
DOH Files Vol.1 Issue 5 Department of Health 8 Manila September 1, 2014 DOH Files Newsletter
Energy Investments Forum Department of Energy 17 Manila September 25, 2013
JICA’s Regional Activities Part II Japan International Cooperation Agency 8 Manila
Addressing Gender in Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations in the Philippines World Bank 31 Pasig City January 1, 2005
DepED MEMORANDUM No.495, s.2009 Department of Education 5 Manila November 12, 2009

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