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Title Source Institution Page Count Place of Publication Original Publication Date Tags
DepED ORDER No. 45, s.2015 Department of Education 237 Manila September 29, 2015
Philippines – ARMM Social Fund Project World Bank 7 Zamboanga City November 14, 2002
Renewable Energy Outlook Department of Energy 19 Manila
Loan Agreement between Republic of the Philippines and International Bank for Reconstruction and Developnment World Bank 22 Pasig City
Information Provision and Confidentiality Department of Energy 29 Manila
DepED MEMORANDUM Circular No. 2014-01 Department of Education 26 Manila April 21, 2014
Department of Energy Circular No. DC2014-05-0010 Department of Energy 23 Manila
Analysis of the Cavendish Banana Export Value Chain and GIS Study in Mindanao World Bank 26 Davao City March 19, 2010
Department of Energy Circular No. DC2013-09-0023 Department of Energy 3 Manila
Health Beat Issue No.79 Department of Health 52 Manila Health Beat Newsletter
DOH Field Health Service Information System Annual Report 2001 Department of Health 355 Manila January 1, 2002 Field Health Service, Information System Annual Report
Philippine Environment Monitor 2003 | Water Resources, Quality and Availability World Bank 6 Pasig City
Department of Energy Circular No. DC2013-08-0019 Department of Energy 3 Manila
Multi-Donor Facility – PH Mindanao Reconstruction and Development World Bank 8 Pasig City July 20, 2005
DOH Annual Report 1977 Department of Health 56 Manila January 1, 1978 DOH Annual Report, Rural Health Practice Program
DECS ORDER No. 60, s.1991 Department of Education 23 Manila May 30, 1991
“Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) FY 2003-2005” World Bank 4 Pasig City
Department of Energy Dispatch Protocol DC2013-09-0020 Department of Energy 67 Manila
DepED ORDER No. 51, s.2004 Department of Education 14 Manila August 28, 2004
World Development Report 2011 | Sub-National Violence in Middle and Higher Income Countries World Bank 31 Pasig City January 2, 2012

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